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Mental Monday with Go 4 Gold

Jon Gold, M.A | Go 4 Gold

“Helping your athlete work through Failure”

Good results don’t change the fact that loosing or bad results still hurt. No matter how many times we win or no matter how well your athlete does, bad results and losses will always be more hurtful and difficult emotionally. Because of this we become susceptible to avoiding failure and losses. 

We call this… 

Mental Monday with Go 4 Gold

Jon Gold, M.A | Go 4 Gold

“The System & Toolbox”

This past Wednesday I spoke in front of a group of students (and future entrepreneurs) about having a side-hustle. I was noticing some of those pre-performance nerves before speaking, and as a performance coach and counselor, I questioned those nerves. I wondered why I still get nervous when I teach and work with others in manage their own nerves. “If I coach people through this, shouldn’t I be able to do this!?” I teach others to manage physiological and….

Scout Book with Mike Alberts

Mike Alberts | Scout Book 4.27.22

“The Recruiting Process”

There is no such thing as a typical recruiting process.  It is different for every player.  How does it begin? When does it begin? What should I be doing?  The questions are endless.  This process can cause a tremendous amount of stress on the player.  In this blog I will try to tackle some of the most common questions…

Scout Book with Mike Alberts

Mike Alberts | Scout Book 4.20.22

“Winter Training, Developing at Home, and Nutrition”

In this episode of Scout Book we tackled 3 topics.  They are different in nature but what makes them common is the timing.  They all help kickstart the offseason.

As a coach and scout I always valued Winter (Off season) training.  Often you see a player who has ability but many things that you would like to see improved.  If you want to gain 10 lbs of muscle…

Scout Book with Mike Alberts

Mike Alberts | Scout Book #2

“Importance of the 5 tools”

Everyone knows the 5 tools of a baseball player: Hitting, Hitting for Power, Defense, Running, and Throwing.  Each player can be graded in each category.  When you grade a player’s tools he receives 2 grades; One for the present and one for the future.  Depending on the player’s age and ability…

Mental Monday with Go 4 Gold

Jon Gold, M.A | Go 4 Gold

“Curiosity is a Superpower”

In performance we default to results. Whether “good” or “bad” we ride the roller coaster of emotions and become exhausted by this ride. Up and down, twist and turn…  It takes a toll on us. In turn we become restless.

We get consumed by the counterproductive thoughts…

Scout Book with Mike Alberts

Mike Alberts | Scout Book #1

“Division 1 Aspirations”

Only 5% of high school baseball players actually play college baseball.  That 5% of players is spread out over D1-D2-D3, NAIA, and Junior College (2 year schools).  Not all D1’s are created equal.  There are 301 D1 baseball programs.  The D1 schools are ranked by…

Mental Monday with Go 4 Gold

Jon Gold, M.A | Go 4 Gold

“Do something hard”

The only way to get better at grappling with adversity is more adversity. When we face challenges unprepared we are susceptible to panic and breaking down. Why wait for the break down or adversity to see if we can handle it? Train it. Deliberately practice handling challenges so that when we face challenges in competition we’ve “been there done that.” Although we may not be able to simulate the exact stressor or situation, we can work to be better at responding to challenging stimuli.

Mental Monday with Go 4 Gold

Jon Gold, M.A | Go 4 Gold

Benefits vs. Drawbacks 

I was recently recommended for PT by Urgent Care due to an injury to my patella. I have prolonged PT for the last two weeks. I’m being stubborn thinking that ice and Advil will solve the problem. It’s  helped, but the pain is not improving. Excuses are easy to come by “I don’t have a lot of time, I don’t want to” etc. I’ve been making these excuses because it’s a challenge. I’ve been thinking about what I have to lose… Free time. 

I value my free time, and quite frankly I need my weekends so that I can be my best for myself, clients, family and friends. My mindset shifted the evening of 3/3/22 when Kayla asked me how my knee was.  I told her not great, not getting better.  To that she told me I need to call PT. 

2022 Northeast Lions: Team Scout Day – Scouting Blog

February 24th, 2022

Mike Alberts | Director of Player Development; Firecracker Sports

2022 Northeast Lions: Team Scout Day – 2.20.22

We had a great turnout of players and coaches at the Northeast LionsTeam Scout Day this past weekend in Hanover, MA home of the Northeast Lions and their winter workouts. Tim Cummins, San Francisco Northeast Area Scout was in attendance, along with 7 other college coaches. He gave a scouting perspective and college recruiting discussion at the end of the event. We saw a very talented group of 30+ players ranging in graduation classes from 2022 to 2025.

We are going to highlight some of the top players that participated but also some up and comers who you should keep an eye out for in the coming months. Top performers are listed at the bottom of this blog for the major…

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