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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Showcase and a Tournament?2018-09-18T17:03:29-04:00

A Showcase is an individual event where we put the players through a series of baseball related events, collect their data, and provide this data to College Coaches and Pro Scouts.  A Tournament is a team event where teams compete in a series of pool play games with the hopes of competing for a team championship.

Is there a player check-in prior to the tournament?2018-09-18T16:57:52-04:00

The only player check-in would take place for those players that are participating in the Showcase Day.

Is there a coaches check-in/meeting prior to the tournament?2018-09-18T16:57:24-04:00

We do not hold a coaches check-in/meeting prior to the tournament.

What is the Tournament Format?2018-09-18T16:56:48-04:00

Pool Play (Guarantee 3/4 games) then Single Elimination Playoffs.

How do I get my roster posted online?2018-09-18T16:56:09-04:00

Go to the Tournament Tab and select the Tournament you are inquiring about.  Within the main page of the specific tournament, you will find a link for Roster Submission.  The first requirement for posting your roster online is that you will need to login to our vendor with the same account that was used to register your team.  Once you have logged in, follow the appropriate steps.

How do I sign up for a Showcase?2018-09-18T16:55:38-04:00

Click on the Showcase button at the top of our website, which will drop down our various Showcase Opportunities.  Click on the location you would like to attend.  All the information you need is posted on each page.

How is a Firecracker Showcase typically ran?2018-09-18T16:54:32-04:00

Typically, we will begin the Showcase with a Group Stretch.  Next, we will run a 60 yard dash, followed by Infield/Outfield workouts, Pitchers throw a Bullpen, Catchers Pop times, on field BP, and Exit Velocity for Batters.

How many College Coaches and MLB Scouts typically attend a showcase?2018-09-18T16:53:52-04:00

We do not have a particular number at any given showcase, but for a list of the current list click the corresponding Tournament or Showcase you’re attending.

What is evaluated at a Firecracker Baseball Showcase?2018-09-18T16:52:28-04:00

Our Baseball Showcase Events feature a series of baseball related skills such as 60 Yard Dash, Throwing Velocity both in the Field and on the Mound, Catcher Pop Times, and Exit Velocity.

What other services does Firecracker Baseball provide?2018-09-18T16:49:19-04:00

We continue to look for further opportunities to help our individual players and teams the best Baseball Experience.  Please continue to visit our website for additional services that we intend on adding in the near future.

Is Firecracker Baseball intended only for high school players?2018-09-18T16:48:50-04:00

Currently, Firecracker Baseball provides Tournament Play for ages 13 and up.  Our College Showcase Events are for High School Aged Players with at least 1 year left of High School.

How is Firecracker Baseball beneficial to me?2018-09-18T16:48:23-04:00

Firecracker Baseball will provide your team with a quality baseball experience on the best fields in the area.  Individually, we will provider your player with a top-notch College Showcase Event with great exposure to College Coaches and Professional Scouts.

What is Firecracker Baseball?2018-09-18T16:47:48-04:00

Firecracker Baseball is an organization that provides Baseball Showcase Tournaments and Showcases throughout Northeast United States.  What separates us from others is that we provide these at an afford price on the top fields in the area.

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