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May 26th, 2023

Jack Cote | Director of Digital Content and Visual Storytelling | Firecracker Sports

Chapter #6  – The FanFest Preview


The Memorial Day Patriotic Bash in Pawtucket, Rhode Island is rapidly approaching. Before you know it, the sweat and tears of summer baseball will finally be back. Firecracker Sports always finds a way to make the experience enjoyable and valuable for players, but also families and fans. There is no better feeling than being out on the diamond, eating a hot dog, surrounded by a bunch of kids hoping to become the next Derek Jeter. 

During our first tournament of the summer, we will be hosting a “FanFest” on Friday, May 26th, followed by tournament play during the weekend. FanFest will consist of three fields, with activities happening all at the same time! 


On field 1, we will have the USA baseball and NTIS event for ages 9u-13u. This Elevated Exposure event allows for players to have the opportunity to advance to Cary, North Carolina for the USA baseball national teams. 

This event is open to all prospective players from the ages of 10 to 12 years of age, and who wish to try out and be considered for USA Baseball’s National Team, Team USA! During this event, each player is personally evaluated by a recruiter and scout from the USA Baseball Task Force. If selected an invitation for a Regional Tryout will be sent directly from the USA Baseball/NTIS Office. All players will receive an event t-shirt and a pro-style workout, which includes personal profiles and advanced data and metrics through Trackman. At the conclusion of the event, all data and metrics from the event are made available to each players in their personal online profile through Firecracker Sports.

On field 2, we will have the home run derby for 12u teams. Two players from each of the 12U teams are eligible to participate in our inaugural Memorial Day Home Run Derby! Players will be selected to represent their team by their coach. Each player will have one minute to accumulate as many points as possible based off a scoring system including data and metrics provided by Trackman.There will be cameras everywhere you look, capturing the smiles, the thrills, and the electric moments of what we hope to be an unforgettable derby. Make a name for yourself. That is what the derby is for. 


On field 3, there will be two opening games of local teams. The lights will be at its brightest, but which players will shine…

There will be food trucks, merchandise tents, PA Announcers on every field, filled with fun and music throughout the evening. What a way to kick off the summer. 


YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT! And if for some reason you cannot make it and want to tune in, go to our Twitter and Instagram page (@firecrackerbaseball) for all the highlights and moments from the weekend. 

Looking ahead, schedules are starting to be released for tournaments coming up, so make sure to be on the lookout for any updates if your team is participating. You can find updates at

Opportunities will come, memories will be made, and a summer like never before, patiently awaits. The countdown has begun, see you in a few days!


Firecracker Sports – Around the Horn


Summer showcase baseball and showcase softball is right around the corner which means most of our tournaments are FULL!  There are still limited spots available in select locations like Fairfax, Williamsburg, Virginia and also Hershey, Pennsylvania for our tournaments.

Firecracker Sports will be hosting 4 different tournaments in Virginia this summer and fall. We are excited to announce 2 new events down in Fairfax, Virginia include the Mid Atlantic Labor Day Classic and the end of year, Mid Atlantic Fall Championships! Please inquire today about some special offers for new teams!

College Showcase Camps are also open and ready to be filled with anyone hoping to gain more reach and exposure. These camps will take place at all tournaments this summer, but you do not need to be participating in the tournament to attend the college showcase camps. 

Don’t miss your chance at being a part of the best summer yet with Firecracker Sports. 

Are you interested in a story about your program, players for your program(s) our hosting an event with us?  Reach out to us today!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact for more information.

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