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Player Profile Features

Firecracker Sports Player Profile is provided free of charge to all and any players looking for exposure to our endless list of college coaches

Simple Plan

$ 0 / Per month
  • Profile Image
  • Basic Player Info

Advanced Plan

$ 9
/ Per month
  • Simple Plan plus...
  • Player Stats
  • Highlight Videos
  • Advanced Metrics
  • Scouting Evaluations
  • Awards/Accomplishments
  • Much more...


Is it really free?

Absolutely!  Our database of coaches is growing daily and we feel that as part of our family you should have as much exposure as possible.  

Why is there a fee?

Yes, we have 2 plans. The Simple plan will allow players to list basic information so college coaches can find them.  However, we charge a nominal fee since we need to verify stats, videos, evaluations and enter player information manually that’s not included in the Simple plan.

What is an evaluation?

Our player evaluations are completed by paid college coaches and pro scouts at our showcase camps, tournaments and other events held annually. These evaluations are conducted in person and validated by D1; D2; D3 and other levels of pro and college coaches.

These include velocities, skill sets, player assessment vs. similar aged players and other metrics used to 

What makes this different from other competitors?

Great question! What separates us from them? Value…we provide all of the statistics, evaluations, digital media awareness all for $9.99 per month, which is 50% savings from other providers. Also we allow you to upload videos from home workouts, other events (non-Firecracker Sports) into your profiles after review. This allows you to do everything in 1 place with Firecracker Sports for your college goals.

How long does it take to get my profile online?

Minutes…once you fill out the “simple” form you information is automatically populated online because it’s controlled by the user, you. The “Advanced” version does take time to upload the metrics, evaluations, statistics and videos so there is a charge associated but only takes 3-5 business days, post event, to get that loaded for your profile. 

Are there any other benefits associated with this profile?

Yes…we are working on more ways to give you value in the future. Looking at ways to include these in our showcase camps, team scout days and also for teams who are loyal customers of Firecracker Sports. 

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