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March 19th, 2024

Sam Huff | Digital Content Producer and Event Operations | Firecracker Sports

Firecracker Adds Another Member to the Team!

It’s almost that time of year again…warmer weather is starting to creep in and stay for a few days at a time, daffodils are popping and the baseball season is just starting up! 

Firecracker Sports has unveiled their new mascot for the 2024 season. After hours of research and collaboration, we have found our guy, but still need your help! We need the voice of the people to help us decide what to name our new member of the Firecracker Sports team. The best part is…your decisions can grant you HUGE PRIZES!

Fill out our survey below and give us your suggestions to enter your name into the Firecracker Sports “Name our Mascot” Raffle!

Answers will be whittled down to the final three after open voting on all social media platforms concludes at 11:59PM on Monday, March 25th. The final three will be voted by the public, starting on Tuesday, March 26th and concluding Easter night, March 31st. 

Prizes for the top 3 answers include:

  1. Free Hotel Stay (Up to 3 Nights) at FS Tourney
  2. $250 Amazon Gift Card
  3. Firecracker Swag Bag ($150 Value)


We can’t wait to grow the family!

For more updates with Firecracker Sports, college showcase camps are open and being filled up by the second. We hope to see each and every one of you attending a few different showcases this summer. College showcase camps allow for players to be seen. It is the best way to form direct connections and opportunities with future coaches and teammates. We will always have media covering these showcase camps, giving you the opportunity to not only make connections at the camp, but after the camp online as well.

If you need help booking a hotel for your entire organization, please contact us. Availability is going FAST!

For facility sales, contact us for things such as turf, netting, padding, baseballs and more…

We are so excited for our tournaments to start up with the vision of creating opportunities, memories and moments that last forever.

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