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2021 Team Testing Day: The BASE Softball

April 17, 2021

Location: The Base 

150 Shirley Street, Roxbury, MA

Graduation Years: 2021 – 2025

Coach: Stephen Lewis:


We want to give a BIG thank you to everyone at the Base including Coaches Stephen Lewis and John Kahn for allowing us to come and test their talented student athletes in a stupendous facility that includes clean and updated cages, mounds, workout areas, academic setups and other extracurricular areas such as computer for E-sports. Deriving from the Boston Astros, founder, Robert Lewis, Jr, has developed a supportive and loving environment that sets student-athletes up for success, establishing a system that will allow the youth to take advantage of their limitless potential both on and off the field. Now, they are stretching beyond Boston to areas such as Pittsburgh and Indianapolis to help give those student athletes the direction and support they need to become successful in their given sports, and more importantly, life, by implementing a structure of excellence, belief and love. Firecracker Sports fully supports the Base’s aspirations and drive to help youth in communities that may need it most. Please give the Base’s website a visit to see everything they are about and give support if possible.

If it is within your means, please follow the link below to aid in supporting the young people of Roxbury, Pittsburgh, and Chicago:

Click Here to Donate

Interested in scheduling your own Team Scout Day through Firecracker Sports? Click here 

Top Pitching Leaders on the Day:

  1. Alona Lynch – 2020 – P|1B

The power right hander for the BASE reached a peak velocity of 57 mph while averaging 56 showing she has consistency in her mechanics. Her fastball also has impressive movement that works well with her 43.8 changeup and 54 mph riseball.

  1. Bailey DeLeire – 2025 – P|SS|OF

Bailey comes in close second, averaging 54.7 mph with an average spin rate of 1148 RPM’s. Although she makes the softball move a lot, it did move out of the zone for most of the bullpen. The sky’s the ceiling as she looks to gain consistency in the strike zone.

  1. Giuliana Micciche – 2024 – P|OF

The young pitcher for the North End Execution stayed consistently in the zone with strong movement to all her pitches. Averaging 48 mph with a spin rate of 920 rpm, look for a lot of swing and misses as the softball does drop off.

Top Hitting Leaders on the Day:

  1. Genesis Funes – 2022 – 2B|SS|OF

Funes, 2022 grad out of the base, produced an exit velocity of 65 mph from her quick hands and excellent upper body torque. Her strong backfoot finishing gives her the ability to average a distance of 91 feet with a launch angle of 13.6 degrees.

  1. Bailey DeLeire – 2025 – P|SS|OF

Bailey Delaire, 2025 dual positioned player takes advantage of her lower body strength, holding a 63.3 mph exit velocity at an average distance of 94 feet. This can only 

improve by creating a consistency in her swing.

  1. Shakura Lynch – 2024 – C|SS

The young catcher/Shortstop has an impressively consistent swing that produces a exit velocity of 62.1 mph through her extremely fast hands. The sky’s the limit for the 2024 grad as she develops and learns to use her lower half.

  1. Molly Hickey – 2024 – C|1B

Hickey’s fast hands overtakes her lack of lower body involvement as she reached a peak exit velocity of 61.1 mph while averaging a distance of 94 feet. Molly’s quick hands and short stride allows her to analyze and catch up to any pitch.

  1. Bryanna Mason – 2024 – P|OF

Mason, 2024 pitcher/outfield produced an impressive launch angle of 22.4 degrees which will help as she improves her velocity. Her quick hands synced with her explosive leg involvement will definitely take stride as she develops.

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