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2021 Team Scout Day: Silver City Baseball Club

March 5th, 2021

Tim Lombardi  | Firecracker Sports Director of Player Development

Location: Grand Slam Baseball, Taunton, MA 

Graduation Years: 2021 – 2023

Coach: Steve Kulpa (Formerly drafted by Chicago Cubs) – 

Firecracker Sports would like to thank Steve Kulpa and the Silver City Baseball club for having us come out to Grand Slam Baseball located in Taunton, MA. Athletes that took part in this event range from 2021 – 2023. We used three Rapsodo devices on the day, 2 pitching and 1 hitting. We started the day on the Grand Slams open turf area, collecting data for 5 pitchers on the day, measuring averages, peaks, and spin rate on every pitch for the day. After the completion of pitching, Silver City moved over to the hitting tunnels, collecting data on all 10 players swings, giving players knowledge on their peak exit velocity. Any coaches looking for video on each player can contact our Director of Player Development, Tim Lombardi at

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Top Pitching Leaders on the Day:

Raymond Boutiette – 2022 – 81 mph peak – 79 mph Avg

The 2022 right handed pitcher led the day with an 81 mph peak this off season. Looking to have a great season, Boutiette’s lengthy frame and whip arm action will be fun to see as he’s set to average low-mid 80s this season. At 6’ 7” 190, Raymond will be a fun player to watch as he matures.

Conor Quinlan – 2021 – 79 mph peak – 78 mph Avg

The Left Handed pitcher out of Silver City Baseball club topped out at 79 mph with very clean mechanics wise. Slight timing fixes as well as healthy weight can help Conor velocity peak. Consistency around the zone is not a problem for the 2021 graduate. 

Jon Dragonetti – 2021 – 79 mph peak – 76 mph avg

Jon Dragonetti plans to graduate in 2021 while peaking out at 79 mph this off season. Flexibility was shown with his high leg kick, but lack of drive takes off from the velocity. His fastball develops a natural armside run that pairs nicely with a 72 mph changeup. Jon looks to have a great season.

Colin Bignar – 2021 – 75 mph peak – 73 mph Avg

Bignar is a 2021 graduate out of Silver City. Peaking at 75 mph, Colin hip-shoulder separation tends to be mistimed, resulting in high pitch location and low velocity. There is a ton of power left on the table to be fixed in the weightroom and timing. 

Samuel Watts – 2022 – 75 mph peak – 73 mph Avg

Samuel watts drops his slot  while topping out at 75 mph. Consistently in the zone, Watts produced a sweeping curve averaging 67 mph, also paired with a 72 mph changeup. The 2022 grad produced repeatable mechanics that needs work with his finish. Becoming more athletic on the mound and in the weightroom can help Watts reach high 70s, low 80s in no time.  

Hitting Leaders on the Day:

Mason Kulpa – 2022 – 95 mph peak – 88 mph Avg 

The dual position shortstop also occupies third base for the Silver city Baseball Club. Set to graduate in 2022, Mason Kulpa stood out, peaking at 95 mph with an average of 88 mph. On the field, Kulpa threw 81 across the diamond, standing at 6’2” and 185 Ib, Kulpa is a well rounded positional player. 

Conor Quinlan – 2021 – 87 mph peak – 82 mph Avg

Quinlan, 2021 grad standing at 5’8” and 170 Ibs who is also a dual positioned guy, playing pitcher and outfield for Silver City. He peaked at 87 mph on the day while averaging a close 82 mph. Quinlan also reached up to 80 mph on the day from the outfield. A very strong and repeatable swing allows Conor to produce a good average, which could easily go up with the right workout.

Samuel Watts – 2022 – 87 mph peak – 78 mph Avg

Samuel Watts produced a powerful but inconsistent swing, seen in the numbers with 87 mph peak, but a lower average. Graduating in 2022, Samuel Watts has time to create a swing that constantly produces 85+. Playing 3B, his quick arm action gets his 80 mph velocity across the infield with ease.   

Nathan Carpentier – 2022 – 86 mph peak – 79 mph Avg

Very raw swing from the 2022 graduate leaves room for improvement. Topping out at 86 mph, there would be gain through more using more hips to gain extra velocity and will also allow him to open up the whole left side of the field. 

Jack Gobin – 2022 – 87 mph peak – 78 mph Avg

Jack Gobin produces a very top heavy swing while peaking at 87 mph, the ceiling is very high when the legs come into play. Graduating in 2022, Gobin has a year to add to a solid, raw swing and plays the middle infield for the Silver City Baseball Club. 



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