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2021 Team Testing Day: 

Mizuno Northeast

April 11, 2021

Location: Hitquarters

Ages: 16u – 18u

. The day was recorded and posted to our social media accounts, can be found here.

Interested in scheduling your own Team Scout Day through Firecracker Sports? Click here 

Top Pitching Leaders on the Day:

  • David Escobar

The tall righty out of MA produced the highest velocity at 80 mph on the day while averaging 78 mph. He also showed a nice 12/6 curve while consistently staying in the strike zone. Escobar’s fastballs found both corners with ease. 

  • Kevin Hewlett

Powerful mechanics produced from the young right hander allowed him to tie on the day at 80 mph with a close average of 77 mph. His short arm-action was handled well as he stayed through the zone.

  • Deegan Miller

Miller’s over-the-top arm slot showed off a nasty 2-seam tail while hiding the ball well. Topping out at 77 mph, there is a lot of room for development as well as creating consistency in the zone. 

  • Jack Lizewski

The strike zone consistency was complimented well by his 77 mph fastball. His ability to stay closed as possible for as long as he does helps him stay low in the zone as well as create movement on his change up.

  • Tommy Whitlock

Tommy’s controlled mechanics helped her stay consistently in the zone for a majority of the day while peaking at 77 mph. Another pitch that works well with his fastball is his curveball that sits at 55 mph and is able to spot it on both corners of the plate.

Top Hitting Leaders on the Day:

  • Colin Johnson

Johnson produced a nice stroke consisting of a short step and a fast torque, peaking at 93 mph while averaging 84 mph. His fast hands also take a large role in helping him produce a high average on the day.

  • Michael Morrissey

Michael produced a high exit velocity at 92 mph followed by a 74 mph avg. While he does stay back and uses his hips well, he is limited by a follow through issue that could help him boost his average and stay closer to the 92 mph peak.

  • Parker Souza

Parker hit a peak exit velocity of 91 mph today while averaging 69 mph. While he does produce a high velocity by using his upper body well, lower body tweaking could help him average higher as well as producing repeatable hitting mechanics.

  • Enzo Micucci

Micucci hit 91 mph on peak exit velocity with an average distance of 116 ft. Enzo does produce very clean repeatable mechanics and great usage of his legs and torque, his long swing will only get better as he matures and becomes stronger.

  • Kevin Hewlett

The ceiling is high for Hewlett, producing a 90 mph exit velocity with a solid average of 81 mph. Dropping into his hip as well as letting the ball travel, Kevin will be a pitchers nightmare as he starts to include his lower body.

  • Garrett Barriere

Garrett hit 90 mph peak exit velocity while averaging 76 mph and can only get better by letting the ball travel further into the plate.

  • Jack Lizewski

Lizewski has a swing that can be improved by fixing timing and allowing a little more ball travel. Optimistically, he still produced a high exit velocity of 90 mph and could definitely jump with the small tweaks. Jack does complement his fast torque and hands with nice involvement of his lower body.

  • Tommy Whitlock

Whitlock hit a peak exit velocity of 89 mph while averaging 79 mph. Fast hands and a great hip swing will only get better as he matures and gains through the weightroom.

  • Jack McCue

McCue has impressively quick hands allowing him to get to the ball very quickly but does lack a repetitiveness in his swing. Small tweaks could help him smash the ball well beyond the 89 mph peak and 77 mph average.

  • Matt Claussen

Matt has great lower body movement and strength with a little hiccup in his upper body mechanical finish. An easy fix that will see jumps from his 88 mph exit velocity and averaging closer to his peak versus the 72 mph he produced today.



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