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April 17, 2021

Location: The Base 

150 Shirley Street, Roxbury, MA

Graduation Years: 2021 – 2025

Coach: Stephen Lewis:


We want to give a BIG thank you to everyone at the Base including Coaches Stephen Lewis and John Kahn for allowing us to come and test their talented student athletes in a stupendous facility that includes clean and updated cages, mounds, workout areas, academic setups and other extracurricular areas such as computer for E-sports. Deriving from the Boston Astros, founder, Robert Lewis, Jr, has developed a supportive and loving environment that sets student-athletes up for success, establishing a system that will allow the youth to take advantage of their limitless potential both on and off the field. Now, they are stretching beyond Boston to areas such as Pittsburgh and Indianapolis to help give those student athletes the direction and support they need to become successful in their given sports, and more importantly, life, by implementing a structure of excellence, belief and love. Firecracker Sports fully supports the Base’s aspirations and drive to help youth in communities that may need it most. Please give the Base’s website a visit to see everything they are about and give support if possible.

If it is within your means, please follow the link below to aid in supporting the young people of Roxbury, Pittsburgh, and Chicago:

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Top Pitching Leaders on the Day:

  1. Marcos Feliz – 2021 – P|SS

Feliz, 2021 Pitcher, Shortstop from the base showed out at 86.6 peak velocity followed by a close average of 85.7 mph with phenomenal accuracy. Throwing two other pitches, curveball at 71.6 mph and changeup at 75.6 mph, he was able to place these balls wherever he pleased, proving the consistency in his mechanics across all pitches.

  1. Greg Mayo – 2023 – P|3B

The young pitcher, third baseman for the Base showed a ton of room for potential, peaking at 80.5 mph while averaging 75 mph. Mayo kept the ball low for a large part of his bullpen for all his pitches, including a 64.5 mph curveball, about a 15 mph decrease from his fastball with the same mechanics, giving him a big advantage among younger pitchers. Learning to drop and drive should give Mayo a gain to his fastball.

  1. Dante Christie – 2022 – P|OF

Dante Christie, 2022 lengthy left-hander out of the BASE rides his smooth mechanics for a longtime, really allowing him to reach speeds of 80 mph with minimal effort. Spotting consistency was proven across all his pitches. His curveball measuring at 66.6 mph with low strike zone accuracy followed by good changeup movement, at 69.4 mph

  1. Carlos Lopez – 

PSL’s right handed pitcher, Carlos Lopez, showed an outstanding splitter at 69.7 mph with great depth that will nicely complement his 76.3 mph fastball. The young providence pitcher also has a nice sweeping curve in his repertoire at 64.4. Lopez was accurate across all his pitches and will only get better as his velocity improves. 

  1. Carlos Santos – 2022 – P

Santos, a lengthy right handed pitcher-only out of PSL’s program lacks in velocity but is easily overcome by his nasty two-seam movement. Each pitch thrown has a controllable tail that gives the 2022 grad a Greg Maddux pitch-style. Following his fastball is a 68.2 mph curveball.

Top Hitting Leaders on the Day:

  1. Jaremy Franco – 2021 – 3B  

The powerful swing of Jaremy Franco was only validated by an average distance of 206 ft while hitting a velocity of 95 mph. Able to stay in his back hip long, Franco totally unravels and finds the bottom half of the ball consistently hitting that back of the cage with an average launch angle of 20.7 degrees. It will be fun to see where Franco ends up in his baseball journey as he will only get better.

  1. Eddy Manuel Suazo Rojas – 2021 – C

The 2021 catcher from the base produced a short swing with big velocity, 93.2 mph. Rojas looked like a consistent line-drive hitter and through statistical analysis of 17.4 degree launch angle, this was only verified. Rojas can only get better with leg activation in his swing and is only more impressive as his high velocity was produced with upper body strength.

  1. Francisco Mercedes – 2021 – 1B|3B

Mercedes swing was short but sweet at an exit velocity of 92.1 mph while averaging 76.9 mph. Francisco produced a “one-tap” swing that will allow him to catch up with most pitches. The 2021 grad’s swing can only be improved by shortening his swing while including more of his lower half, which could assist him in holding the 90+ mph exit velocity.

  1. Bryan Gonzales – 2021 – C|3B

The 2021 Catcher/Third basement from the King Summer program really sat in his hip for an elongated time, giving him time to recognize and react to any pitch while still holding his power. Peaking at an exit velocity of 91 mph while averaging 80 mph 

  1. Ruben Ogando – 2021 – OF

Ogando, a tall 2021 outfielder out of PSL’s program, produced an exit velocity of 90.7 mph while averaging 81.3 mph. Ogando’s fast hands and lower body involvement produced a very impressive average distance of 224 feet at an average launch angle of 18.6 degrees. Very well rounded swing will only get better as he gets stronger.

  1. Richard Segura – 2022 – C|1B

Segura’s fast hands helped the 2022 catcher/first baseman impressively produce a peak exit velocity of 89.9 mph while averaging a nice 83.5 mph. Segura overall has an outstanding swing that is short, quick and powerful while still launching the ball at an average of 230 ft with an angle of 18.4 degrees. 

  1. Andersen De Los Santos – 2021 – SS

Andersen’s repetitive swing was absolute eye-candy for any baseball coach, scout and player. The 2021 Shortstop averaged 89.3 mph and is the epitome of a major league shortstop swing, produced by very quick hands while sitting deep in his hip helped him average 83 mph.

  1. Anthony Javier – 2022 – OF

The young outfielder, Anthony Javier, produced a long, powerful swing that may cause timing and consistency issues, but nonetheless, is handled well by the strong righty. Producing a peak exit velocity of 89 mph while averaging 76.9 mph does show there may be hiccups, but if improved with consistency, creates a very high ceiling for the junior outfielder.

  1. Arturo Reyes – 2021 – 1B

The 2021 first basement looked like a young David Ortiz with his swing by sitting back earlier and long while tracking the ball. Producing a 88.1 mph exit velocity average, there was definitely more in the tank for Arturo and the sky’s the limit for the 2021 grad. With his timing, Arturo handles the long, powerful swing well. 

  1. Zagniel Lugo – 2022 – C

The young catcher out of PSL’s program has a very basic swing that is well accommodated by his strength. Producing 87.6 mph exit velocity mainly came from his upper body torque and can only be improved with more usage out of Lugo’s lower body. 

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