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January 30, 2023

Andrew Ciechanowski | Operations | Firecracker Sports

Coastal Riptide: Team Scout Day (1.28.23)

It was a great turnout this past weekend at the new Crystal Athletic Training Facility in Sanford, ME. Seven college coaches from the surrounding area attended, as well as twenty-nine players ranging in graduation classes from 2023 to 2027. Thank you to the Riptide coaching staff for giving us the chance to evaluate their guys. While each player displayed their abilities for the coaches, we would like to highlight some top performers from the event as well as some younger guys to keep an eye on this spring and summer.  

  1. Roger Mercier RHP/Utility 2025. Dover High School (NH) 5’8” 133lbs Bats R Throws R

Roger is one of the Riptide’s many young talented players.  He put up some of the top numbers on the day, landing himself on the leaderboards for the 30 yard dash, OF velocity, and peak FB velocity.  He is a high academic player (3.9 GPA) whose versatility was evident on Saturday.  It will be exciting to watch his development as he grows into his body.

  1. Benjamin Gill RHP/OF 2024. Sanford High School (ME) 6’0” 175lbs Bats R Throws R

Ben is an uncommitted junior with the physical tools to succeed at the next level. He started the day by running an impressive 3.88s 30 yard dash, and also looked great on the mound.  Gill has a strong arm (88mph from OF; 83.3mph peak FB) paired with breaking balls in the mid 70’s.  He is certainly a player to keep your eyes on this year.

  1. Daniel Conrad 1B/LHP 2026. Dover High School (NH) 6’2” 185lbs Bats L Throws L

One of the younger players at the event, Conrad had a great showing on Saturday.  He already has a great physical frame and will continue to improve with the Riptide.  It will be interesting to see if he focuses more on pitching or first base over the next few years.

  1. Levi Wood 3B/RHP 2024. Bonny Eagle High School (ME) 6’1” 170lbs Bats R Throws R

Levi was dominant in all areas of evaluation, landing himself towards the top of numerous leaderboards.  His power and speed were exhibited, running a 3.84s 30 yard dash and registering a peak exit velocity of 92.5mph – both of which led the group on Saturday.

  1. Tommy Flanagan RHP 2023. Coe Brown Northwood Academy (NH) 6’2” 215lbs Bats R Throws R

Tommy had a great showing on the mound last weekend.  He is a senior with a big athletic frame at 6’2” 215lbs.  Still looking for a home next fall, he throws four pitches in his repertoire and has great command over the lower part of the zone.

Event Leaderboards

30 Yard Dash

  1. Levi Wood Hollis, ME (3.84s)
  2. Benjamin Gill Sanford, ME (3.88s)
  3. Roger Mercier Dover, NH (3.94s)
  4. Tommy Flanagan Nottingham, NH (3.94s)
  5. Beckett Barlow Springvale, ME (3.94s)

Catcher Pop Times

  1. Will Precourt Winthrop, ME (2.25s)
  2. Liam Kalakowsky Windham, ME (2.44s)
  3. Orrin Culp Dechant South Berwick, ME (2.45s)

OF Velocity

  1. Benjamin Gill Sanford, ME (88mph)
  2. Zander Waycott Hollis, ME (77mph)
  3. Roger Mercier Dover, NH (76mph)
  4. Noah Corliss Sanford, ME (72mph)
  5. Owen Bonenfant Wells, ME (70mph)

INF Velocity

  1. Benjamin Gill Sanford, ME (86mph)
  2. Levi Wood Hollis, ME (79mph)
  3. Treston Earley Dover, NH (74mph)
  4. Noah Corliss Sanford, ME (73mph)
  5. Trent Holst Tuner, ME (73mph)

Hitters: Peak Exit Velocity

  1. Levi Wood Hollis, ME (92.5mph)
  2. Trent Holst Tuner, ME (82.1mph)
  3. Daniel Conrad Dover, NH (81.8mph)
  4. Keith Ramsey Wells, ME (81.7mph)
  5. Benjamin Gill Sanford, ME (81.4mph)

Pitchers: Peak FB Velocity

  1. Benjamin Gill Sanford, ME (83.3mph)
  2. Levi Wood Hollis, ME (78.3mph)
  3. Treston Earley Dover, NH (77.9mph)
  4. Trent Holst Tuner, ME (76.1mph)
  5. Roger Mercier Dover, NH (75.2mph)

We would also like to thank the following colleges who were present for this event: St. Joseph’s College (ME), Central Maine Community College (ME), Bates College (ME), Saint Anselm College (NH), Southern Maine Community College (ME), Roger Williams University (RI), and Colby College (ME).

Be sure to check out our College Showcase Camps in 2023! Registration for these events is OPEN, and can be found here –  Remember, spots are limited to maximize your attention from college coaches and pro scouts while giving you more reps than other traditional showcases.  So be sure to register soon!

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