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New England Champtionship

2024 New England Fall Championships

Saturday, October 12th – Monday, October 14th | Hartford/Norwich, Connecticut

Colleges/Organizations Who Attended This Event In The Past

2024 Tournament Information

College Showcase Camp – Individual Players Only: October 10th, 2024 – LINK COMING SOON!

Age groups: 12U; 13U/14U; 15U/16U and 17U/18U (4 Divisions)

Pool play: Saturday, October 12th and Sunday, October 13th, 2024

Playoffs & Championships: Monday, October 14th, 2024

  • 3 Game Guarantee: Pool play format will be used with all teams entered (weather permitting).
  • Registration Fee: $899.00 for 12U; $1149 for 13U – 18U.
  • Baseballs and lineup cards are included for this event as an added bonus to all teams and programs.
  • Two (2) High School board certified Umpires are supplied for every game.
  • Preliminary round games will take place at area high school and collegiate fields with the playoffs and championship games at college facilities such as Trinity College; Eastern Connecticut State University, Mitchell College, New Britain Bees Stadium and many more. 
  • Current and past college and professional coaches are employed to evaluate the teams at the prime recruiting age groups during our events.
  • NO GATE FEES EVER! (Savings of $250 per team based on competitor’s pricing)
  • Above and Beyond our Competition…We provide on-field reporting, pre and post game interviews with players and coaches, digital media staff to promote players and teams, live in game statistics, player assessments and videos which get added to our player database and much much more.

Weather/Event Updates

We understand weather and mother nature can impact your event experience unfortunately. We strive to provide communication before you leave your home or hotel, when possible.

There are many factors that go into running events including the weather, leasing fields from private schools, town officials that get these fields ready along other “outside factors” that can determine delays, shortening of games or unfortunately cancelations as well. Please click on this link or the yellow button on our schedule page “Event/Weather Updates” for updates daily when weather can be an impact to your event.

 Weather/Event Updates

2024 Pro & College Coaches Attending

Please check out our website regularly as we approach the our summer events for confirmed attendance of coaches, schools and scouts. Our rotator above will show you the quality of programs who attended this event previously and have expressed their interest in attending again each year.

Colleges/Organizations who are expected to attend!

  1. Pace University (NY)
  2. Felician Univeristy (NJ)
  3. Hudson Valley Community College (NY)
  4. Monroe College (NY)
  5. Eastern Connecticut State University (CT)
  6. Eastern Nazarene College (MA)
  7. Elmira College (NY)
  8. Nichols College (MA)
  9. Post University (CT)
  10. Rhode Island College (RI)
  11. Rivier University (NH)
  12. Salve Regina University (RI)
  13. Skidmore College (NY)
  14. Southern New Hampshire University (NH)
  15. SUNY-Oneonta (NY)
  16. SUNY-Plattsburgh (NY)
  17. Texas Rangers (MLB organization)
  18. University of Massachusetts – Boston (MA)
  19. University of Rhode Island (RI)
  20. Western Connecticut State University (CT)
  21. Westfield State University (MA)
  22. Wheaton College (MA)

2024 Teams Registered

We started this event in 2018 and we are very excited about the interest entering our 7th year. Hartford, Connecticut is a great place to visit during the fall with the Six Flags close by, Columbus Day festivals and awesome autumn sunsets! We have opened up this event to include more teams with the 12U and the 13U/14U Division for those transitioning to the big diamond. If you are interested in participating in one of the fall’s best events, please register today or inquire at for more details.

See who is coming!


2024 Hotel Policy



To insure the quality of service provided during a Firecracker Sports event this organization has put in place a Hotel Obligation Policy.


Simply stated, if your team requires hotel accommodations (team traveling 75 miles or more to the event’s destination city) your team MUST stay at one of the approved participating tournament partner hotels. These participating hotels are reviewable by clicking on the “hotel” links on the Tournament Website or on the home page of Firecracker Sports. Reservations can be made prior to being accepted and should be made ASAP as the hotels fill up quick.


We work very hard to keep our costs down and also balance the economic impact a tournament like ours can have towards the communities and programs we serve. The approved hotels on this website assist with both concerns and the following are the benefits to our programs:

  • To make it manageable we have room nights “blocked” for our out-of-town teams from our participating Partner Tournament Hotels.
  • Because we do not use a Third Party Housing Group and we negotiate large blocks of rooms with the hotels directly, you’ll find a wide variety of best pricing and amenities from our hotels.
  • Care in selecting location and proximity to our playing fields (see our field age group/field location chart to find out where your team most likely will be playing so you can lock down hotels near your fields).
  • All of our tournament hotels have been approved due to their quality and desire to give our guests the best tournament experience.
  • Room inventory which is shared with the tournament to ensure that room demands can be met from year to year.
  • By using participating tournament partner hotels Firecracker Sports can offer our “Act of God” Clause. This state’s “Should this event be cancelled for reasons beyond the Event Organizer’s control (including weather), all outstanding reservations will be released at no charge to the participants”


In order to best serve our out-of-town teams we need this to be a win-win for our guest teams and our hotel partners…If the rules are not followed then we jeopardize our relationships with these hotels and this could potentially add more costs to the teams.


  • Any accepted team to a tournament(s) who requires overnight accommodations and does not stay in one of our approved partner hotels will not be accepted to the tournament.
  • An accepted team to a tournament(s) who requires overnight accommodations and double books their team at more than one hotel will not be accepted to the tournament or will be removed from the tournament.
  • Teams who do not stay in our partner hotels will risk forfeiting their games and not be allowed to return to the tournament next year.


Teams will be able to cancel their hotel reservation if they are not accepted to the tournament.

2024 Fields & Facilities

2024 Tournament Rules

Thank you for your interest in Firecracker Sports and support for our baseball events. We have updated several rules so there is more clarity to lineups, tie-breakers and other dynamics like home vs. away. We answer all of your biggest questions regarding rules by checking out our “Team Information” section which includes event rules such as age requirements, tie-breakers, lineups and much more like insurance, rosters and payments. Please click on the button below for more advanced details.

If you have any questions or concerns please hit the chat button at the bottom of your screen or email for more details.

Official Tournament Rules

2024 Team Roster Forms

Thank you for your interest and support of our Firecracker Sports events. In order to provide you the best experience possible, we request the entry of your team’s roster via the link below. The deadline for all fall tournaments is September 1st. This will allow us to promote your student athletes to the attending college coaches ahead of time along with promote the players who have committed to play in college, giving an extra boast not only to the student athletes but your programs as well!

Players are to be listed per team with all information entered correctly. Players can NOT be listed on 2 different rosters in the same age group. They can play on 2 different teams in the tournament, for example 15U and 17U, provided they are in different divisions. 

We have created a brand new and innovative website that is user-friendly for our parents, players and coaches. With this exciting new addition, we have created a one-stop shop for all your showcase baseball needs. You can create a user account, setup your teams, register for any event, make payments plus enter your roster one time and being done for the entire calendar year! This platform also will be where you see hotels, shopping, schedules, scores, standings and playoff implications right from your mobile device. We hope you enjoy this special benefit and make your life easier.

Enter Team Roster Information right here

2024 Tournament Schedule

We work on releasing our schedules 2 MONTHS prior to any event we host and run throughout the calendar year. Once our event becomes full we begin to put the teams, fields and pool play together so you can plan your trip better to Hartford, Connecticut area. This allows everyone to plan in advance their hotels, social events but also let the college programs you are interested in, know your playing times if they are interested in attending.

We will release schedules directly to the coaches when they have submitted all paperwork and payments, as early as August 15th. Public release for this event in 2024 will be September 27th, listed right here. We try to maintain first class customer service from the point of registration, all the way through our final Championship game of our events, so your experience always remains first class!

2024 Schedules

2023 Playoffs/Tie-Breaker System

17U/18U Division

  • Teams will be seeded after the conclusion of pool play with the top 8 divisional teams advancing only. 
  • Playoffs for the top 8 teams will begin on Monday, October 9th.
  • Teams will play a quarterfinal round in the morning at 2 sites, Dickenman Field and Dodd Stadium in Norwich, CT. Winners will advance to the semifinals at the same site for a “regional” playoff bracket.
  • Championship will be held at Dodd Stadium at 6PM on Monday, October 9th. 
  • There will be a short trophy presentation after the game is complete, allowing for team photos on the field. 

15U/16U Division

  • Teams will be seeded after the conclusion of pool play with the top 6 divisional teams advancing. 
  • Playoffs will begin on Monday, October 9th.
  • Teams will play a quarterfinal round in the morning at Eastern Connecticut State University and Moriarty School. 
  • Winners will advance to the semifinals at Eastern Connecticut State University for a “regional” playoff bracket.
  • Championship will be held at Eastern Connecticut State University on Monday, October 9th at 3:45PM. 
  • There will be a short trophy presentation after the game is complete, allowing for team photos on the field. 

13U/14U Division

  • Teams will be seeded after the conclusion of pool play with the top 4 divisional teams advancing. 
  • Top 4 divisional teams will advance to the playoffs on Monday, October 9th.
  • Top 4 teams will be seeded #1-#4, according to the tie-breaker system and will play the semifinal games on Sunday at 1115am and 130PM.
  • Championship game will be held on Monday, October 9th at Dodd Stadium at 3:45pM.
  • There will be a short award and trophy presentation at the end of the championship game.

TIE-BREAKER SYSTEM (for advancing from pool play to playoffs):

  1. Pool Play – Overall Record/Winning Percentage
    • Overall record in our tournaments will be used first to determine playoff seedings.
    • In the event a tournament is impacted by the weather or other unforeseen issues, resulting in all teams in the same division not having played an equal amount of games, winning percentage will be used instead of overall record to determine playoff seedings.
    • For clarification, overall record of 4-0 is better than 3-0 or 2-0, even though the winning percentage is the same. 
  2. Head to Head – (Two and Three or more Teams)
    • If two teams are tied – The head to head winner in that matchup advances.
    • If three or more teams are tied – If one team has defeated all other teams, that team advances. If not go to #3.
  3. Pool play runs allowed
  4. Pool play run differential
  5. Pool play runs scored
  6. Coin flip

New England Fall Championships Scores & Standings

We have partnered with another valued member in the baseball industry, Playbook to make your experience even better. Now you can see scores, schedules and standings right from your mobile device as soon as the games are concluded. No more calls, emails to find out where, when and who you are playing. Through our mobile app, Firecracker Sports, you can find the GPS location of fields, get notified of time changes, incase of inclement weather but more importantly know where your team is placed for standings after your wins or unfortunately, losses.

Please check out the latest scores and standings of our events, past and present, held in Hartford and Norwich, Connecticut communities.

2024 Results

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