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Michael Alberts | Director of Player Development

This year we saw over 750 players attend our showcase events.  After numerous discussions with our college coach scouting network, pro scouts and on site evaluations we have gathered the top prospects of 2021. This year, we held events in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, and Pennsylvania.  Below are our final rankings for 2021:

Class of 2022

  1. Jackson Rusiecki OF/3B, R/R, Southington HS ,CT  Commit: U of North Carolina

Jackson had the highest exit velo of all our 2021 events at 100.2MPH.  He provides plus power to go along with his plus bat speed/exit velo.  He has a strong athletic frame with room to add more strength as he matures physically.  He showed avg speed with a 7.06 60 yard dash.  He showed an avg arm from the OF or 3rd base.  Potential for middle of the order bat.

2. River Hart CF,R/R, Nashua HS, NH  Commit: U of Southern New Hampshire

River showed a very good combination of speed and power.  At the plate he topped out at 98.2 exit velo.  In games he showed the ability to use the whole field. Above avg defender in CF with an avg arm.  Plus runner with a 6.75 60 yard dash.  Wiry athletic frame will see huge strides as adds muscle this off season.  Potential leadoff type.

3. Jonathan Smith C, R/R Woodstock Academy, CT   Uncommitted

Jonathan showed a good mix of receiving and arm strength behind the plate.  With a top pop time of 2.02, his showed above avg accuracy with most throws right on the base.  He showed above avg arm strength with a quick release.  A good overall athlete he ran a 7.28 60 yard dash.  He improved his hitting over the summer and showed a top exit velo of 93.4.  He can play 3B or OF when not behind the plate.  Potential starting Catcher.

4. Conor Burns OF/RHP Bethpage HS, NY.  Commit: Ithaca College

Conor Showed very good 2 way ability as an OF and RHP.  He has good overall strength and is an above avg athlete.  On the mound he threw strikes with a fastball that topped 86.4MPH.  He ran a 7.03 60 Yard dash.  At the plate he had a max exit velo of 90.7MPH.  Overall a very talented baseball player.  Potential 2 way player.

5. Brendan Mair C, R/R Longwood HS, NY. Commit: Cazenovia College

Brandon had the top pop time for all of our showcase events with a 1.97.  He showed an above avg accurate arm.  His pop time can even better with future development.  Good receiver behind the plate.  Moves well and also has soft hands.  Used the whole field during batting practice with mostly pull power.  Potential Starting Catcher.

Class of 2023

  1. Cameron Marshall CF/SS, R/R Ayer Shirley Regional HS, MA. Uncommitted

Cameron showed a very good combination of tools this summer.  Showed plus raw speed with a 6.76 60 yard dash.  Showed above avg instincts in CF.  Reads ball very well with premium defensive range in CF.  Showed a good feel to hit, top exit velo 87 MPH.  Used the whole field and showed avg pull power.  Arm is avg and accurate.  Good defensive skills at SS but his speed and instincts point him to CF.  Will see increased power as he gets stronger.  Potential Starting CF

2. Colin Carver RHP, Valley Regional HS, CT.  Commit: Fairleigh Dickinson

Colin is a large frame physical RHP who showed a plus arm on the mound topping out at 86.7MPH.  He showed good command of the fastball with plus sink and run.  Expect big velocity gains as he gets stronger.  Showed a plus CH that plays well of the Fastball.  Slider was avg and had good tilt and depth.  Potential top of the rotation starting pitcher.

3. Stefan Swee RHP/SS, Somers HS, NY.  Uncommitted

Stefan showed above avg athleticism and 2 way ability.  As a SS he showed good defensive actions and soft hands.  Avg accurate arm with a quick release.  Plus runner who ran a 6.80 60 yard dash.  Used the whole field during batting practice and topped out at 92.1 exit velocity.  On the mound he threw strikes with his fastball that topped out at 81.1MPH.  His CB was avg and was 66.1 MPH.  Stefan is a legit prospect as a SS or RHP.  Potential 2 way player SS/RHP.

4. Gabriel Gifford LHP, Old Town HS, ME.  Uncommitted

Gabriel showed the top pitcher velocity for all our showcase events at 88.5 MPH.  He repeated his delivery and threw strikes. His FB avg was 82-83MPH.  Showed good feel for his CB at 69.4MPH that had good break and late depth.  Good chance for added velocity as he gets stronger.  Potential Starting LHP.

5. Braeden Sparaco RHP/U, Valley Regional HS, CT.  Uncommitted

Braeden showed a good arm on the mound with a Fastball that topped 83MPH.  He repeated his delivery and threw strikes.  His fastball had plus movement.  He threw a tight break slider at 70.2 MPH.  Expect big velocity gain as he continues to get stronger. Potential Starting RHP.

Class of 2024

  1. Seneca Durocher RHP/CF, BFA St. Albans HS, VT.  Uncommitted

Seneca is an exciting 2 way player.  On the mound he showed a good fastball topping out at 84.4 MPH.  Repeats his delivery with plus command and life.  Curveball has good 12 to 6 break at 69.3 MPH.  Showed an Avg Change up.  Seneca has good muscle throughout and is an above avg athlete. Explosive first step.  He showed above avg range in CF and ran a 6.86 60 yard dash.  He had a top exit velo of 86.9 and used the whole field during batting practice.  Look for more future power as he gets stronger.  Potential 2 way player.

2. Luca Alagheband LHP, Crescent School, Toronto, ON.  Uncommitted

Luca is a 6’3” LHP who has a good delivery with clean arm action.  His top fastball velocity was 82.9MPH and had natural LH life and sink.  Threw a plus change up that had good sink.  His Curveball was 71.2MPH.  The curveball showed good 12 to 6 break.  Luca showed a ton of potential on the mound.  He will continue to throw harder as he gets stronger.  Potential Starting LHP.

3. Colin Larson CF, Williston Northampton School, MA.  Uncommitted

Colin showed above avg strength and athleticism.  He is a plus runner who ran 6.84 60 yard dash.  He has an explosive first step.  He showed above avg range in the outfield.  He showed a plus arm from the outfield, accurate with carry.  He has a very advanced approach at the plate.  He had a top exit velo of 93.2.  Overall a very good package of tools and explosive athletic actions.  Expect big strides this spring.  Potential Starting CF.

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