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“Do something hard”


The only way to get better at grappling with adversity is more adversity. When we face challenges unprepared we are susceptible to panic and breaking down. Why wait for the break down or adversity to see if we can handle it? Train it.  Deliberately practice handling challenges so that when we face challenges in competition we’ve “been there done that.” Although we may not be able to simulate the exact stressor or situation, we can work to be better at responding to challenging stimuli. 

We are designed and hardwired for security and comfort.  Whenever something is difficult the mind wants to back down, and the body experiences physiological changes that send us signals to pull away from the challenge. Without the proper training we fall short. And we don’t need to go overboard with it either. Try adding in one thing into your week that pushes you; take a cold shower, run an extra mile, meditate for an extra 5 minutes, participate in that meeting, etc. Just do something that moves you just so slightly out of your comfort zone. 

Challenge: Do something mildly uncomfortable this week and get into the mindset of stretching your limits. Remember, too much challenge and we panic, not enough challenge and we get bored and complacent. 1 thing, that’s all it takes. 

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Jon Gold

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