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Jon Gold, M.A | Go 4 Gold


When you take an inventory and check in with yourself (which I recommend doing on a daily basis in some capacity) ask yourself what things are fueling you and which things are burning you. What things are you doing in your day-to-day life that bring you fulfillment and meaning, and which things are becoming counterproductive? When you take this inventory the key is to be brutally honest and accountable. Hurtful and helpful is not defined by how difficult or challenging said task/activity might be, but rather exactly what it sounds like; does it help or does it not. Stop doing the things that waste your time and energy and serve no purpose, and continue doing the things that serve you. 

Continuing isn’t as cut and dry, as it requires a flexible approach. Times change and our roles can shift. When this happens sometimes our engagements and habits change as well. Maybe some of these changes in habit are intentional, maybe at times the changes simply happen without thought. Just because you stopped, does not mean you can’t pick it back up. If it is something that would be helpful, start doing it again. If it is something that no longer serves you or it isn’t applicable, then don’t start it – continue not doing it. At the same time, depending on where you are at, it may be helpful to add something new that serves an intentional purpose. More isn’t always better, but it might be if it is the right addition at the right time.    

All be it simple, the Start-Stop-Continue concept isn’t black and white. Something can be both helpful and hurtful at the same time. Something can be helpful and hurtful depending on the situation. Something can be helpful at one time of your life and then not helpful in another, and vice-versa. And yes of course, some things can be mutually exclusive; either helpful or not. 

A thought to summarize and a challenge: 

If is a seed it can also be a weed

If it is a hook take another look*

If it hurts divert ** 

If it is new it doesn’t mean its blue***

If it helps it’s always there waiting upon your return***

If it works enjoy the perks**** 

*Flexible understanding & attitude





A.    Schedule a time for today to check in with yourself and investigate your daily habits.  

B.    List out 1 thing to stop, 1 thing to start, and 1 thing to continue  

C.    In an effort to find the purpose and function, document why you chose each of these items in your own Stop-Start-Continue

Be well,

Jon Gold

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