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March 8th, 2023

Jack Cote | Director of Digital Content and Visual Storytelling | Firecracker Sports

Chapter #3 –The Beauty of the Game”


The best players or people to film are the ones that know the game, love the game, and live the game. Before I began working for Firecracker Sports, I spent my last three summers with the Connecticut Moose baseball organization. In today’s blog, I am sharing a moment that I will never forget on the diamond. 

The Championship Game in Hershey

I’m sure most people reading this can understand the grind of a LONG baseball summer. So picture this…Final tournament of the summer. Going away for college in 2 weeks. Bottom of the 7th with 1 out. Man on second. CT Moose are down 2-1 with the final at bat of the summer in the magical Clipper Stadium in Lancaster, Pennsylvania facing us. 

But here’s the twist, I wasn’t the one up to bat. I was the one filming the star player of the tournament, who I had covered for the past three summers. His name was Mike Demio. His resume, one Firecracker Sports tourney championship appearance but no ring to show. Yet.

And then the expected from Mr. Reliable became a reality. The way I would describe this final moment of what seemed like Demio’s final competitive baseball at-bat, was perfect. Perfect player. Perfect moment. Almost as if it was scripted up. Not to mention the only other run in the game was a No-Doubt Solo Home Run in the first inning by none other than Mike Demio. All the pressure. All the lights. All the cameras. 

A base knock into right center field sent the tying run home, the bleachers went bonkers, and the man of the hour, Mike Demio celebrated at second base. A moment of relief. He knew he did it. Shortly after the tying run came home, Demio crossed home plate on an infield single, and the Connecticut Moose captured its first Firecracker Sports Championship in program history.

But what made this moment so special, was the fact that growing up I read about crazy cinderella story endings in sports movies and finally I was able to create my own. The beauty of the game!

Firecracker Sports – Around the Horn

Before we know it, Memorial Day weekend will be here and Firecracker Sports will be hosting our 3rd Annual Memorial Day Patriotic Bash in Providence, Rhode Island. In its 3rd year, this event now covers 117 teams competing and multiple age groups from 7 different states. This event has blown up this year over our 1st ever FanFest, recently announced where we will have a Home Run Derby for all 11U and 12U teams in this event, free of charge! Also that night, we will have some games starting the tourney off by local teams and also an Elevated Exposure event/USA Baseball NTIS for a chance to compete for our National Teams on another field. This includes food trucks, public address announcers, live music, merchandise tents and possibly a local radio station too, all at the same complex that Friday night!

Most of our tournaments are sold out to this point (actually 97.6% sold out but there are still a few spots remaining in the following tournaments this summer)

We also have already opened the availability to sign up for tournaments in the Fall including our first annual “Mid Atlantic Labor Day Classic” in Fairfax, Virginia on September 2nd to 4th. And if you love Virginia, we have a second tournament in Fairfax from October 7th to 9th called “Mid Atlantic Fall Championships” which will be the final highlight on our schedule including the top teams in the Mid Atlantic. Don’t miss out on the best Firecracker Sports showcase baseball and softball season yet! 

Are you interested in a story about your program, players for your program(s) our hosting an event with us?  Reach out to us today!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact for more information.

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