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March 2nd, 2023

Jack Cote | Director of Digital Content and Visual Storytelling | Firecracker Sports

“The Opportunity of Social Media”


Picture this – a 15 year old turns a triple play, all by himself. He dives and catches a liner off third, tags the runner trying to get a good jump off second, then throws a dart to first to pick off the returning runner. 3 outs in a matter of 3 seconds. But no one sees it except the players and coaches. The triple play happens at a 6 o’clock practice with the sun setting and no one is filming.    

So imagine if someone were filming?   Imagine.  

Whether you go viral for turning a triple play overnight or not, it is more important than ever to document these moments and, if you can, anticipate them…it is important to start building a portfolio and a social media presence to increase the random chance a college recruiter from Vanderbilt or Texas or the Boston Red Sox sees your moment.

Social media has tremendous power to inspire and influence and of course to help you tell your story. That 15-year-old has a better chance of being recognized by college coaches if they are posting clips and highlight reels on social media. If they are capturing the moment.  

Starting this summer, Firecracker Sports will not only be hosting baseball and softball tournaments but working to create digital memories from the steamy summer days on the diamond.  The idea is to help you grow your audience and help you gain connections. 

Firecracker Sports – Around The Horn


Let’s dive into what is going on around Firecracker Sports.

We have had 2 events recently with USA Baseball in a new partnership…the USA Baseball and the USA Baseball NTIS partnership hopes to give players a path to potential roster spots for at the regionals and ultimately, Cary, North Carolina for the Champions Cup

For information on their showcases and scout days, click on this link USA Baseball/NTIS – Firecracker Sports

Continue to tune into our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Tik Tok as we start to roll out preview “hype videos” and share announcements about tournaments. 

Our second tournament in Old Orchard Beach, Maine has a few spots left, as well as some other tournaments listed on the website. Spots are extremely limited and nearly all filled up, so don’t miss out on the best summer of Firecracker Sports for baseball and softball tournaments yet!

Are you interested in a story about your program, players for your program(s) our hosting an event with us?  Reach out to us today!  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact for more information.

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