2021 4th of July Showcase Tournament​


Rhode Island University Wednesday June 30th


Pawtauket Red Sox Game


Newport Gulls Game

Colleges/Organizations Who Attended This Event In The Past

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14th Annual “4th of July Showcase Tournament” presented by Firecracker Sports

College Showcase Camp – Individual Players only: Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

Age groups: 13U, 14U; 15U, 16U/17U and 18U/19U (5 Divisions)

13U-19U Pool Play: Thursday, July 1st – Saturday, July 3rd, 2021

13U Playoffs and Championships: Sunday, July 4th, 2021

14U-19U Playoffs: Sunday, July 4th, 2021

14U-19U Championships: Monday, July 5th, 2021

  • Please Note: – Teams will be accepted on a “First Paid-First Accepted” basis and entries will be limited only to the first 180 paid registrations. (*Past 4th of July Showcase tournaments typically have filled up before December 31st.*)
  • Registration Fee: $1,299.00 (*Registered & paid for on or prior to December 31, 2020*)
  • Registration Fee: $1,399.00 (*Registered & paid for on or after January 1st, 2021*)
  • Teams who register, but do not pay are not in the tournament and placed on the waiting list until payment is received.  To avoid being placed on the waiting list and secure entry, payment must be made.
  • 4 Game Guarantee: Pool play format will be used with all teams entered (*weather permitting*).
  • Baseballs are included for this event as an added bonus to all teams and programs.
  • Two (2) High School board certified Umpires are supplied for every game.
  • Preliminary round games will take place at area high school and collegiate fields with the playoffs and championship games at college facilities.  We use the top fields in MA and RI to include Brown University, Salve Regina University, Stonehill College, Bryant University, University of Rhode Island, Bridgewater State University, Worcester State University and more!
  • Current and past college and professional coaches are employed to evaluate the teams at the prime recruiting age groups during our events.
  • Above and Beyond our Competition…We provide on-field reporting, pre and post game interviews with players and coaches, live streaming on You Tube TV, social media staff to promote players and teams, live in game statistics, player assessments and videos which get added to our player database and much much more!



Please check out our website regularly as we approach the our summer events for confirmed attendance of coaches, schools and scouts. Our rotator above will show you the quality of programs who attended this event previously and have expressed their interest in attending again for 2021.


We are very excited about this year’s event as we have expanded to 180+ teams for all divisions. We started with 6 teams in 2008 then in 2019, we had 157 teams coming from Canada, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Who’s next? We have plans to make this event even bigger and better for 2021 as dates are set through 2022! Want in game stats? How about player interviews, social media exposure for your program? Want More…Look no further as we had 100+ college coaches in attendance on top of all of this…If you are interested in participating in one of the East Coast’s biggest and most scouted events, please secure your spot today or inquire for more information at operations@firecrackersports.com for more details.

  1. GBG Hawks Blue (MA)
  2. GBG Hawks White (MA)
  3. Ocean State Outlaws – Monahan (RI)
  4. Ocean State Outlaws – Pereira (RI)
  5. Northeast Gators (MA)
  6. Giants Futures (MA)
  7. Bay Sox (MA)
  8. East Coast Eagles Blue (MA)
  9. East Coast Eagles White (MA)
  10. NH Prospects (NH)
  11. MDB Knights Blue (MA)
  12. MDB Knights Yellow (MA)
  13. CT Capitals Red (CT)
  14. CT Capitals Blue (CT)
  15. CT Moose 13U (CT)
  16. West Hartford Post #96 (CT)
  17. CT Whalers (CT)
  18. L&M Baseball
  19. Dugout Dawgs (MA)
  1. GBG Hawks Blue (MA)
  2. GBG Hawks White (MA)
  3. Nor’easters Blue (MA)
  4. Nor’easters West (MA)
  5. South Shore Seadogs (MA)
  6. Ocean State Outlaws – Albino (RI)
  7. Ocean State Outlaws – Daley (RI)
  8. Northeast Gators – Smith (MA)
  9. Northeast Gators – Whealan (MA)
  10. NY Nighthawks (NY)
  11. Giants Futures (MA)
  12. Bay Sox (MA)
  13. East Coast Eagles (MA)
  14. Ocean State Makos (RI)
  15. NH Prospects (NH)
  16. BBU Tigers (MA)
  17. South Jersey Young Guns Pride – (NJ)
  18. MDB Knights Blue (MA)
  19. MDB Knights Yellow (MA)
  20. CT Capitals Red (CT)
  21. CT Capitals Blue (CT)
  22. New England Scorpions (RI)
  23. Mizuno NE Runbirds (MA)
  24. Mizuno NE Roadrunners Red (MA)
  25. Mizuno NE Roadrunners Navy (MA)
  26. Bandits Baseball Club (RI)
  27. US9Prospects (CT)
  28. Dirt Dawgs (MA)
  29. Team Maplewood (MA)
  30. CT Whalers (CT)
  31. Dugout Dawgs (MA)

Wait List

  1. SNE Stealth (MA)
  1. GBG Hawks Blue (MA)
  2. GBG Hawks White (MA)
  3. Brian Rose Baseball (MA)
  4. MWS Devils Gold (MA)
  5. Nor’easters National (MA)
  6. Nor’easters Regional (MA)
  7. Brigade Baseball (MA)
  8. Ocean State Outlaws 15U Showcase Navy (RI)
  9. Ocean State Outlaws 15U Showcase White (RI)
  10. Route 2 Blue Sox (MA)
  11. NY Nighthawks (NY)
  12. Giants Futures (MA)
  13. New England Premier (MA)
  14. East Coast Eagles Blue (MA)
  15. East Coast Eagles White (MA)
  16. Middlesex Reds (MA)
  17. NH Prospects (NH)
  18. Bay Sox (MA)
  19. Stampede 15U Red (NY)
  20. South Jersey Young Guns Pride (NJ)
  21. New England Huskies (MA)
  22. MDB Knights (MA)
  23. CT Capitals (CT)
  24. CT Moose (CT)
  25. New England Scorpions (RI)
  26. Bandits Baseball Club (RI)
  27. Freelake Cardinals (MA)
  28. Titans Elite (NY)
  29. CT Fury (CT)
  30. Northeast Gators (MA)
  31. Crush Baseball (MA)
  32. CT Whalers Green (CT)
  33. CT Whalers White (CT)
  34. Western Maine Mountaineers (ME)
  35. SNE Stealth (MA)
  36. NEB-NH (NH)
  37. Overlook Blacksox (CT)

Wait List

  1. Mass Rebels (MA)
  2. New England Roadrunners (MA)
  1. North Attleboro Post 49 (North Attleboro, MA)
  2. MWS Devils (MA)
  3. Boston Prospects (MA)
  4. Brian Rose Baseball  (MA)
  5. New York Blue Sox (NY)
  6. Brigade Baseball (MA)
  7. North Shore Freedom 16U Blue (MA)
  8. North Shore Freedom 16U Red (MA)
  9. North Shore Freedom 17U Red (MA)
  10. North Shore Freedom 17U Blue (MA)
  11. GBG Northeast 17U Black (MA)
  12. GBG Northeast 17U (MA)
  13. GBG Northeast 16U (MA)
  14. GBG Northeast 16U Black (MA)
  15. GBG Northeast 16U Blue (MA)
  16. Giants Futures (MA)
  17. Bandits Baseball Club (RI)
  18. Nor’easters 16U National (MA)
  19. Nor’easters 17U National (MA)
  20. Nor’easters New England (MA)
  21. Nor’easters Regional (MA)
  22. Show NE 16U Showcase American (MA)
  23. Show NE 16U Showcase National
  24. Show NE 17U Showcase National (MA)
  25. Middlesex Reds American (MA)
  26. Middlesex Reds National (MA)
  27. Bay Sox (MA)
  28. NH Prospects 16U (NH)
  29. NH Prospects 17U (NH)
  30. River Rats 16U Prospects (ME)
  31. Nokona Braves 16U (MA)
  32. East Coast Eagles 17U Blue (MA)
  33. East Coast Eagles 17U White (MA)
  34. East Coast Eagles 16U (MA)
  35. Ocean State Makos (RI)
  36. Ocean State Outlaws 17U Showcase (RI)
  37. Sluggers Fury (MA)
  38. Powerhouse Bulldogs Prospects (CT)
  39. Powerhouse Bulldogs Select (CT)
  40. Powerhouse Bulldogs 16U (CT)
  41. BBU Tigers (MA)
  42. CT Capitals 16U (CT)
  43. CT Capitals 17U (CT)
  44. CT Moose 16U (CT)
  45. CT Moose 17U (CT)
  46. Silver City Baseball (MA)
  47. EVO 3N2 17U (MA)
  48. Coffey Post #3 Defenders (NH)
  49. Mizuno NE Runbirds 16U (MA)
  50. Mizuno NE Runbirds 17U (MA)
  51. Sharks Baseball Academy (NY)
  52. Capital Renegades (NY)
  53. Northeast Eagles 17U Showcase (MA)
  54. Northeast Eagles 16U Showcase (MA)
  55. Titans Elite (NY)
  56. ECNE Expos 16U (MA)
  57. ECNE Expos 17U (MA)
  58. US9Prospects (CT)
  59. NE Prospects (MA)
  60. Niagara Expos (NY)
  61. Clinton County Mariners (NY)
  62. CT Mayhem 2022 Showcase (CT)
  63. CT Rivals (CT)
  64. Team Maplewood (MA)
  65. Vermont Strikers (VT)
  66. Crush Baseball (MA)
  67. Yorktown Rebels (NY)
  68. CT Hurricanes 16U (CT)
  69. CT Hurricanes 17U (CT)
  70. Providence Sports and Leadership (RI)
  71. Diamond Zone (CT)
  72. Northeast Baseball (RI)
  73. Shrub Oak Tigers (NY)
  74. 17U NH Cannons (NH)

Wait List

  1. CT Rakers (CT)
  2. Upstate Academy 17U (NY)
  3. Zone Select (MA)
  4. Spinners (MA)
  5. Granite State Giants (NH)
  6. New England Scorpions (RI)
  7. Energy Baseball College Showcase (MA)
  8. Plympton Crush 16U (MA)
  1. Concord Cannons 18U (Concord, NH)
  2. Boston Prospects 22 (MA)
  3. Brian Rose Baseball (MA)
  4. GBG Hawks (MA)
  5. CT Crush (CT)
  6. Team Cape Cod (MA)
  7. Sluggers Fury (MA)
  8. NY Nighthawks Showcase (NY)
  9. NE Ruffnecks (MA)
  10. Bandits Baseball Club (RI)
  11. East Coast Eagles (MA)
  12. NH Prospects (NH)
  13. Nokona Chiefs 18U (MA)
  14. New England Huskies (MA)
  15. Powerhouse Bulldogs 18U (CT)
  16. BBU Tigers (MA)
  17. Ocean State Makos (RI)
  18. CT Capitals (CT)
  19. CT Moose (CT)
  20. Coffey Post #3 Defenders (NH)
  21. Providence Sports and Leadership (RI)
  22. Whitehouse Post #284 (NJ)
  23. Spinners Showcase (MA)
  24. CT Rivals (CT)
  25. Northeast Eagles 18U Showcase (MA)
  26. Clinton County Mariners (NY)
  27. Dirt Dawgs Showcase Team (MA)
  28. SNE Stealth (MA)
  29. Samurai 18U (MA)

Wait List

  1. Maine Sluggers 18U Premier (ME)




To insure the quality of service provided during Firecracker Sports events, there is a Hotel Obligation Policy.


Simply stated, if your team requires hotel accommodations (team traveling 75 miles or more to the event’s destination city) your team MUST stay at one of the approved participating tournament partner hotels. These participating hotels are reviewable by clicking on the “hotel” links on the tournament event page or on the main page of Firecracker Sports. Reservations can be made prior to being accepted and should be made ASAP as the hotels fill up quick.  


We work very hard to keep our costs down and also balance the economic impact a tournament like ours can have towards the communities and programs we serve. The approved hotels on this website assist with both concerns and the following are the benefits to our programs:

  • To make it manageable we have room nights “blocked” for our out-of-town teams from our participating tournament partner hotels.
  • Because we do not use a Third Party Housing Group and we negotiate large blocks of rooms with the hotels directly, you’ll find a wide variety of best pricing and amenities from our hotels.
  • Care in selecting location and proximity to our playing field. See our “fields/facilities” tab to find out where your team most likely will be playing so you can lock down hotels near your fields.
  • All of our tournament hotels have been approved due to their quality and desire to give our guests the best event experience.
  • Room inventory which is shared with the tournament to ensure that room demands can be met from year to year.
  • By using participating tournament partner hotels, Firecracker Sports can offer our “Act of God” Clause. This states “Should this event be cancelled for reasons beyond the Event Organizer’s control (including weather), all outstanding reservations will be released at no charge to the participants.”


In order to best serve our out-of-town teams we need this to be a win-win for our guest teams and our hotel partners…If the rules are not followed then we jeopardize our relationships with these hotels and this could potentially add more costs to the teams.


  • Any accepted team to the 2020 tournament(s) who requires overnight accommodations and does not stay in one of our approved partner hotels will not be accepted to the tournament.
  • An accepted team to the 2020 tournament(s) who requires overnight accommodations and double books their team at more than one hotel will not be accepted to the tournament or will be removed from the tournament.
  • Teams who do not stay in our partner hotels will risk forfeiting their games and not be allowed to return to the tournament next year.


Teams will be able to cancel their hotel reservation if they are not accepted to the tournament.


Newport Gulls/NECBL Night with Firecracker Sports!


Open to all participants, families, coaches and friends of the 4th of July Showcase Tournament, presented by Firecracker Sports.

We have partnered with the Newport Gulls to bring you our 1st ever NECBL night on July 3rd! Take a ride down to the city by the sea and experience the beautiful coastal destination of Newport, RI. We love to hold social events during our tournaments, to allow us to interact and get to know our coaches, student athletes and families. This isn’t always about the play on the field that brings us together for these tournaments, but the mutual love for the game of baseball.
Friday, July 2nd’s schedule of events
6:00PM: Pre game ceremonies with teams represented on the field.
6:15PM Ceremonial 1st pitch presented by a special guest of the
4th of July Showcase Tournament (look for that special contest soon!)
6:35PM Newport Gulls vs. Ocean State Waves game begins
9:00PM-9:30PM: Game ends and you can enjoy the city by the sea/Newport dining/night life.



Vs. Cancer Fundraiser


Open to all participants, families, coaches and friends of the 4th of July Showcase Tournament, presented by Firecracker Sports.


We have partnered with the Newport Gulls to bring you our 1st ever NECBL night on July 3rd! Take a ride down to the city by the sea and experience the beautiful coastal destination of Newport, RI. We love to hold social events during our tournaments, to allow us to interact and get to know our coaches, student athletes and families. This isn’t always about the play on the field that brings us together for these tournaments, but the mutual love for the game of baseball.



Friday, July 2nd’s schedule of events


6:00PM: Pre game ceremonies with teams represented on the field.

6:15PM Ceremonial 1st pitch presented by a special guest of the

4th of July Showcase Tournament (look for that special contest soon!)

6:35PM Newport Gulls vs. Ocean State Waves game begins
9:00PM-9:30PM: Game ends and you can enjoy the city by the sea/Newport dining/night life.





We try to give all our student athletes and their families a first class experience by securing and enabling all our teams to play on the top facilities here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We are getting close to our goal of securing all college fields for every age group! We would like to see all our teams play all their pool play and playoff games on top fields, including collegiately. Unfortunately with the ongoing health pandemic, we have been unable to rent and utilize collegiate facilities in 2020, like we have in the past. These fields and facilities are tentatively scheduled to host in 2021 but until schedules are finalized please inquire about your location before securing your hotels and travel plans.

18U/19U Division: Pool Play Fields 



  • 19U Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2001
  • 18U Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2002
  • 17U Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2003
  • 16U Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2004
  • 15U Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2005
  • 14U Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2006
  • 13U Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2007
  • 12U Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2008
  • 11U Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2009
  • 10U Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2010
  • 9U   Division: Born on or after May 1st, 2011


A coin toss administered by the umpire or the site supervisor at each field will be used to determine home team for each game during pool play games.


All dugout selections are based upon a first come first serve basis; any disputes will be determined by the site supervisor and tournament officials, if needed. 


There is no pre-game infield outfield allowed in these events. We do make allow for warmups on the outfield and batting cages where facilities are not hindered by preparations for the next game. 


  • Each team must provide their own lineup cards.
  • Lineup cards must be completely filled out with players first name, last name, position and accurate jersey number. All subs should be listed with accurate jersey numbers as well.
  • A copy MUST be given to the opposing team’s Head Coach along with our site supervisor for your game prior to the first pitch of that game. This policy is strictly enforced as the site supervisors will be in charge of keeping the official lineup cards, score and details of our events.


  • Only a 15 minute grace period is allowed for a team who cannot field 9 players at the start of a game. Once the grace period expires, a forfeit will be issued. (The score will be determined as 1 run allowed per inning for a full game played, for example 7-0 for 7 innings).
  • Any team that forfeits a game because of lack of players in attendance for their scheduled game or for lack of arrival on time (45 minutes prior to game or their scheduled start time) will be banned for 2 years from any future tournaments at that point (Updated: 7/1/2016)


There is a 2-hour time limit on all games except for the championship games (This rule can be modified by Firecracker Sports if impacted by weather, field conditions or event operations). This rule means that no inning can start after 2 hours, it is NOT drop-dead timing.

For the purpose of determining if a new inning may start, the time determined at last out in the bottom of the inning is used with tournament officials and umpires. This allows the tournament to stay on track for the entire day. We do allow extra innings, as long as the time limit is still in play. We, at Firecracker Sports want to see all ties broken WHEN possible so “Firecracker Sports” tie-breaker will begin in 8th inning (see details, rule #5).


Only used when within the time limit for pool play or game will be determined a tie; all playoff/championship games will start with this rule in the 7th inning (ages 12U and younger) or the 8th inning (13U and older).

  • 7th (12U or younger)/8th inning (13U +): Runner on 2nd with no outs (Runner on 2nd was last batter of previous inning).
  • 8th (12U or younger)/9th inning (13U +): Runner on 1st and 2nd with no outs (Runners on 1st & 2nd were last 2 batters of previous innings, placed accordingly i.e. last batter on 1stbase and previous batter on 2nd base).
  • 9th (12U or younger)/10th inning (13U +): Runners on 1st, 2nd and 3rd with no outs (Runner on 1st, 2nd & 3rd were last 3 batters of previous inning, placed accordingly i.e. last batter on 1st, previous batter on 2nd base, etc)


  • For all ages 12U and younger, each game will be 6 innings in length unless dictated by time limit, mercy rules or “Act of God” outside forces.
  • For all ages 13U and older, each game will be 7 innings in length unless dictated by time limit, mercy rules or “Act of God” outside forces.


Any team can start 9, 10, or 11 players. YOU CAN NOT START THE GAME WITH LESS THAN 9 PLAYERS! It will be a forfeit. If you do start with 9 players only, you may finish with 8 players if injury happens to one of them. If there are no eligible subs, the player leaving the original lineup will be recorded as an out until he is eligible to return that game. The lineup must stay with the same number of batters for the entire game. Once the first pitch has been thrown the lineup is locked and the lineup can NOT be reduced or added. If a player gets hurt and there are no substitutes available, that team will occur an out in that injured player’s spot in the lineup.

The 10th and 11th hitter, if used, will be designated as an Extra Hitter and Super Hitter in the lineup. The EH and Super Hitter may bat at any spot in the order. The EH and SH is the same as any position on the field as far as substitutions are concerned. The starting pitcher is allowed to DH for himself and bat in any spot in the order but must be listed a P/DH on the lineup card.


  • 8U/9U DIVISION: Mound will be 46 feet; bases will be 60 feet and they are closed.
  • 10U DIVISION: Mound will be 46 feet; bases will be 65 feet and they are open.
  • 11U & 12U DIVISION(S): Mound will be 50 feet; bases will be 70 feet and they are open.
  • 13U + DIVISION(S): Mound will be 60’6 feet; bases will be 90 feet and they are open.



  • 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U 12U Divisions: Metal bat divisions and only USA Baseball/BPF 1.15 bats allowed.
  • *13U & 13U/14U  Combined Divisions:  Bat of Choice:  Metal or Wood.  All metal bats must have a branding, label, or stamp proving BPF 1.15 or BBCOR on it.  There is length to weight ratio maximum of -3 (3 ounces).  
  • 14U, 15U, 16U/17U, 18U/19U Divisions:  Wood Bats Only!


  • 13/14 Division:  Bat of Choice:  Metal or Wood. Metal bats that follow the USA Baseball/BPF 1.15 bats are allowed.
  • 15U/16U, 17/18U Divisions:  Wood Bats Only!  


Players participating in the age divisions (13U and older) are allowed to wear metal spikes unless dictated by the facility where the event is being hosted (i.e. turf complex, etc). For players participating in age divisions (12U and younger) you are allowed to wear rubber cleats only.


  • Major League rules will be used throughout the tournament.
  • You can re-entry for the starter one time, each game, in the same batting spot. Any substitute entering the game, if replaced at a later point, is out for the remainder of the game.
  • Pitchers when removed from the game as a pitcher, can NOT return as a pitcher in that game.
  • Courtesy Runners are allowed for Pitcher and Catcher ONLY! Must be player on your bench, if you have substitutes. If there are no substitutes, it can be the last out of the previous inning.
  • ALL substitutions and changes must go through the home plate umpire & the official scorer at each field.
  • Mound visits are limited to 1 per inning. After the 1st visit, each time the coach visits the mound in that same inning, the pitcher needs to be replaced.
  • There is no infield fly rule for 8U/9U Division ONLY.
  • There are no balks in 8U/9U Division ONLY.
  • There is no leading or dropped strikes advancing in 8U/9U Division. Only when the ball crosses the plate can the runner advance. All other age (10U +) groups, leading, stealing and dropped strike rules are allowed.
  • Pitchers do NOT have to throw 4 pitches to have an intentional walk.


Firecracker Sports has adopted the Pitch Smart USA guidelines for our youth divisions of 9U – 12U.

  • Ages 9U – 10U / 75 Daily MAX / 1-20 No rest / 21-35 1 Day / 36-50 2 Days / 51-65 3 Days rest / 66+ 4 Days Rest
  • Ages 11U – 12U / 85 Daily MAX /1-20 No rest / 21-35 1 Day / 36-50 2 Days / 51-65 3 Days rest / 66+ 4 Days Rest


There is a mercy rule for our Firecracker Baseball events.

  • 12 runs after 3 innings
  • 10 runs after 4 innings
  • 8 runs after 5 innings


Our events can be impacted by weather and field conditions from time to time. Our games are based on time (2 hour time limits, while most games finish complete, we can NOT base this decision on an official game based on innings). Any game that has played more than 1 hour 30 minutes (75%) of the time allocated will be determined official and final. No games will be suspended, made up or rescheduled at that time frame. Any game that is suspended before the 1 hour 30 minutes, will be ATTEMPTED to be rescheduled and picked up from point of delay. If a game is determined official and the inning is NOT complete, we will revert back to the last complete inning played for score, stats and determination of winner/loser or a tie. This decision is finalized with Tournament officials to maintain safe, proper and efficient field conditions and event schedules.


  • No two teams from the same organization will match-up in their first playoff game, unless the game is affected by a bye. The lower seed team will be moved one seed down in the standings if possible. If this is not possible, the lower seed will be moved one spot in the seedings.
  • Home team in the playoffs/championships is the higher seed throughout.
  • All Tournaments will have a championship game if possible. In the event cancelation of a tournament due to weather/poor field conditions, the tournament must have two complete games, per team, to be official. Firecracker Sports officials will determine a winner and appropriate finishes based on tie-breaking rules if the last day of championships are not played for these reasons.


All coaches must be in professionally dressed. We do not allow coaches on the field in flip flops or beach attire. You will be confined to the dugout by the umpires; site supervisor(s) or tournament administration. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Any coach or player that is ejected from a game is automatically suspended for the next game of the tournament.


Any protests will be handled at the time of incident. We do NOT charge for protests like other organizations, if there is an issue we would like to resolve it for the greater good of the game of baseball. There are site supervisors at all fields and will handle any protests brought by a manager and will decide in a timely and appropriate manner.


Due to unforeseen issues or mother nature, there are times games will be canceled because of rain, thunderstorms and poor field conditions beyond our control here at Firecracker Sports. We will always try out best to get games in, move games around so EVERYONE has the same opportunity as others in our events but in the case, this does NOT happen, our policy is in place to protect our products and your programs.

  • No Games Played = Full Credit towards 2020/2021
  • 1 Game Played = $400 Credit towards 2020/2021
  • 2 Games Played = $200 Credit towards 2020/2021
  • 3 or more Games Played = No Refund


In the event there is a rule or an issue not covered in these guidelines, Firecracker Sports Officials will have the final decision authority in those matters. Understanding and making sure the overall tournament experience is maintained in a first class, highest quality experience for all student athletes, coaches and families is our ultimate goal in all matters. 

Approved Tournament Play Baseballs (Coming soon!)

2021 Playoffs/Tie-Breaker System

13U Division

  • Coming soon!

14U Division

  • Coming soon!

15U Division

  • Coming soon!

16U/17U Division

  • Coming soon!

18U/19U Division

  • Coming soon!

Tiebreaker System

1. Overall Record in Tournament

2. If two teams are tied, Head to Head winner. If three teams are tied, if one of the teams has defeated other 2 teams, that team advances. If not we proceed to #3.

3. Runs Allowed
4. Run Differential (Maximum differential of 10 runs per game, either way)
5. Runs Scored
6. Coin Flip

2021 Team Roster Forms

Thank you for your interest in Firecracker Sports and support for our baseball events.  In order to provide you the best experience possible, we request the entry of your team’s roster via the link below.  The deadline for all 2021 summer tournaments is April 1st.  This will allow us to promote your student athletes to the attending college coaches ahead of time along with promote the players who have committed to play in college, giving an extra boast not only to the student athletes but your programs as well!

We have created a brand new and innovative website that is user-friendly for our parents, players and coaches. With this exciting new addition, we have created a one-stop shop for all your showcase baseball needs. You can create a user account, setup your teams, register for any event, make payments plus enter your roster one time and being done for the entire calendar year! This platform also will be where you see hotels, shopping, schedules, scores, standings and playoff implications right from your mobile device. We hope you enjoy this special benefit and make your life easier.

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Jersey Number
  3. Position(s)
  4. High School
  5. Graduation Year
  6. Email Address of a Parent or Player
  7. College Commitment (not required but asked)

2021 Tournament Schedule

We work on releasing our schedules 2 MONTHS prior to any event we host and run throughout the calendar year. Once our event becomes full we begin to put the teams, fields and pool play together so you can plan your trip better to Providence, Rhode Island. This allows everyone to plan in advance their hotels, social events but also let the college programs you’re interested in know the playing times of your team if they are interested in attending.

We try to maintain first class customer service from the point of registration, all the way through our final Championship game of our events, so your experience always remains first class!


College coaches and professional scouts we provide up to the date scout books for your recruiting needs. There is no extra charges with Firecracker Sports to get these books or have them right on your phone at our events. Just click on the button below and download each event/division you are looking for. For password protection, please contact operations@firecrackersports.com for this password. You MUST be an active college coach or MLB scout to have access to our database!